IMPORTANT – Neither STF or Citybreak can assist you with setting this up. If you run into problems please contact us at

With a connection to Citybreak, Sirvoy will automatically keep your availability updated and retrieve your bookings from Citybreak. This connection requires Sirvoy Pro, and that you already have an agreement with Citybreak.

Follow these steps to activate the connection:

  1. Contact us at regarding your wish to connect to Citybreak together with your Citybreak name or ID. We will contact Citybreak and enable a connection. There might be settings you need to adjust on Citybreak in order for the connection to be established. See “IMPORTANT” below. 
  2. Please verify that all room types have the correct restrictions set as expected, since the rooms will become bookable immediately after the connection is activated. (The only restriction compatible with Citybreak under “Restrictions for check-in, check-out and/or stays” is the one called “Stays not allowed”. The restriction “Bookable days” is not compatible with Citybreak.)
  3. When receiving confirmation from us that the connection has been enabled, go to Settings > Channels > Citybreak > Edit  to map the Citybreak room types to their equivalents in Sirvoy. This article gives valuable help on mapping – How to Map Room Types Between Sirvoy and Channels. If there are settings that need to be adjusted in Citybreak before mapping, you will see a message indicating what needs to be done before mapping of that particular room type is possible. Citybreak subproducts are extra services (such as ‘breakfast’) and cannot be mapped to Sirvoy. However, when booked they will appear in the booking and their price will be added to the booking value.
  4. Save the mapping.
  5. From the point you’ve saved the mapping, your connection to Citybreak is active. Sirvoy now directs the prices and inventory displayed at Citybreak.

IMPORTANT – Deactivate Citybreak from Myallocator! If you previously used Myallocator for your Citybreak connection, you must first go to Myallocator and deactivate Citybreak . After this, you can request a connection to Sirvoy by following the above mentioned steps.

IMPORTANT, these Citybreak settings must be configured correctly in order for the connection to be set up and work properly.

  • Only use Price per unit! Make sure that the price model at Citybreak is “price per unit”; it’s the only price configuration that will work for this connection (“price per person” price model will not work). If the Sirvoy room type(s) used for the connection has price per person, the price set for the maximum amount of guests will be the one that is sent to Citybreak.
  • Only use one Rate code! A rate code in Citybreak is connected to one or several products. You should only have one rate code and have this connected to all of your products on Citybreak.
  • Only use one Rate period! A rate period is configured for your rate code. You should only have one rate period set up for your rate code. This rate code must include all days of the week. Instead of using the Citybreak feature with different rate periods, pricing depending on periods can be set up in Sirvoy by going to Settings > Price changes > Seasonal prices & temporary price changes. Prices set here will direct the prices seen in Citybreak.
  • Only use one Availability period! You should only have one availability period set up and have all products connected to this. If you should experience problems with the availability not being correctly displayed, please see this article – Problems with Availability on Citybreak
  • Same dates should be set for the rate period and the availability period.

Note: Even though the availability is synced between Sirvoy and the channels almost instantaneously, there is always a small risk of double bookings when the same physical room is made available on multiple booking channels simultaneously. For example, the last room could in the same instant be booked both through your website and another booking channel. This happens very rarely, even for busy hotels. But if it does happen, depending on your agreement, the booking channel will expect you to inform them and perhaps also find a solution.