1. Download the plugin here: sirvoy-wp-plugin.zip
  2. Install the plugin in WordPress by uploading the zip file.
  3. In your Sirvoy account, go to settings -> booking form -> booking form on your website -> how to install and copy the booking engine ID.
  4. Go back to WordPress and enter the booking engine ID in Settings -> Sirvoy Booking Engine.
  5. Put this short code in the pages or posts where you want to display the booking engine: [sirvoy]
  6. To display the booking engine in a specific language (not using auto-detect), use this format: [sirvoy language="fr"].
  7. Optionally, go to Appearance -> Widgets in WordPress and add the “Sirvoy Hotel Booking Widget” to your sidebar.

Please note: The current plugin will not update automatically through the WordPress repository. Future updates must be installed manually as described here.