Important: Payer and Payson are legacy solutions and are no longer available for new users. Our recommended payment solution, Stripe, is available for all users.

“You can request that guests pay either the remaining or the full balance, or add their credit card details, through the Review Your Booking feature. This feature can be helpful if you don’t want to charge the guest at the time of booking, or don’t want to ask for credit card information at the time of the online booking. If you have made selections in your payment settings for partial prepayment (either required or voluntary), but this has not yet been paid, and have selected full prepayment to be voluntary, the possibility to pay the remaining balance will only appear after the partial prepayment has been done.”

The guests can make the payment via a URL link to the Review form. The link can be sent automatically in an email template to the guest X days after the booking or before check-in, leading them directly to the booking in the Review form. The “placeholder code” %review-url%, found in the Email templates section, can be used for this purpose.

The remaining sum of the payment can be added to the automated email, with help of the %paidamount% and %balancedue% “placeholder codes”.

All our online payment methods (Stripe, Payer, Paypal, and Payson) are supported in the Review Your Booking feature.

You can also allow your guests to cancel a booking that was made via the booking engine, as long as it wasn’t initiated on a channel (like Google Hotel Ads).