Most hotels do not want “tentative” or pending reservations from VRBO and HomeAway to be imported to the Sirvoy calendar, before they are confirmed and paid. You can remove these “tentative” bookings from the export calendar link in HomeAway and VRBO, only allowing confirmed and paid bookings to be visible in the exported calendar, and in Sirvoy, by following these steps:

  1. Go to your HomeAway or VRBO calendar.
  2. Click on the export calendar option.
  3. When you get the URL link it asks you if you ”wish to include or exclude “Tentative” (enquiries) reservations”. Turn this option off if you do not wish to export them and copy the link, by unchecking the box to include tentative dates in exports. Note that if you now look at the HomeAway/VRBO iCal link it adds a “nonTentative” parameter to the end of the url. With this setting only confirmed and paid bookings will be exported and displayed in Sirvoy.

This means that only “green” confirmed bookings in VRBO or HomeAway will be exported, and not the red booking requests or tentative ones. This setting will minimize the risk that cancelled HomeAway “booking requests” so called ”tentative bookings” will remain in the Sirvoy calendar after being cancelled in HomeAway. (cancelled iCal bookings don’t disappear from Sirvoy automatically, not even confirmed and paid ones)

Tentative bookings can also make Sirvoy bookings marked as “conflicting” in the HomeAway or VRBO calendars.