There is a difference between a room type and a room rate. A room type represents a physical room. A rate represents a certain type of price for that room. For example, a “double room” (the room type) could be sold for $50 (rate A), but it could also be sold for $75 (rate B).

Please make sure that the different offerings of the same physical room are set up as “rates” in the booking channel, not as different room types. Otherwise the channel will believe that you have more rooms than you actually have – which can result in overbookings.

Example: Let’s say you only have one physical room in your hotel but you want to offer it as a single room and as a double room. If you (incorrectly) set it up as two room types in the channel, the channel will believe that you actually have 2 physical rooms. This can result in an overbooking if a guest books both rooms at the same time.

To avoid that, please register rates instead of room types in such cases.