Restrictions for check-in, check-out and stays

Most booking channels support these restrictions, with a few exceptions:

  • Hostelworld and iCal channels do not support restrictions for check-in and check-out. To completely close units for those channels, make sure to select “Stays not allowed (including check-in)”.
Warning: Please note that restrictions set for a specific room type only will apply to that room type and not to any “duplicate” room types connected to it. Also, if the booking channel has derived rates linked to a room type, you must check with the channel to make sure that those rates share restrictions with the parent rate.

Bookable days

In your “Bookable days” setting, when choosing the condition “Any number of days within the specified range can be booked”, most booking channels will support the specified allowed length of stay (with some exceptions, such as Hostelworld). The conditions “Only full weeks within the specified range can be booked” and “Only 3-4 nights or full weeks within the specified range can be booked”, are not supported by booking channels.

If the channel connected to the room type(s) is not able to read this restriction, you will need to ask your account manager to define this setting directly in the booking channel.

Blocking an individual room

Individual rooms that are blocked will be excluded when Sirvoy counts the number of available rooms, the same way that already booked rooms will be excluded. This is true for all booking channels.

Restricting how far in advance or how close to check-in bookings can be made

Control this setting on each channel (except Airbnb, which is managed in Sirvoy at Settings -> Channels -> Airbnb).