Drag n’ Drop in the Calendar:

  1. Go to the Calendar page to get an overview of how to arrange your room bookings most effectively.
  2. Click on the “booking bar” you want to change and wait.
  3. The “booking bar” will become movable and the available rooms will be highlighted.
  4. Grab the “booking bar” that you want to move and drag it to another available room.
  5. Confirm the room swap when prompted.

Note: If all rooms are occupied, drag n’ drop will not be possible. You may want to create an internal “Swap Room” to use only when moving bookings between rooms. Unfortunately, such a “dummy room” will currently affect the statistics. Future updates will solve this problem and make it even easier to swap rooms in Sirvoy.

Swapping room from the booking details page:

  1. Go to the booking details page.
  2. Click on the “move” icon for the room you want to change.
  3. Pick a new room from the drop-down.