Sirvoy’s calendar page is at the core of your productivity. From it, you can perform many essential actions and see a big-picture overview of bookings, units, availability, selected extras, and housekeeping status. 

Navigating the Calendar Page

There are several ways you can customize the calendar to your current needs:

  • Use the filters to:
    • See only units that are registered under a certain category or room type.
    • Sort the unit list according to different criteria.
  • Use the date navigation to jump:
    • One week or one month forward/backward.
    • To a specific starting date.
    • To today’s date.
  • Select if you want to see a whole month or a whole week.


  • To display extras on the calendar page, edit the specific extra under Settings -> Extras and turn on “Keep count per day”. Then you will also be able to print out extra-specific PDFs by clicking on the number of booked extras shown in the calendar.
  • Change the colors of the different booking statuses (new/unconfirmed, confirmed, checked-in, and checked-out) and the info shown in the booking bars by clicking “Color legend & customization.”

Managing Bookings and Blocking Units

Apart from giving you an overview, the calendar page also allows you to quickly care for daily tasks–all from one place.

Creating a booking

  1. Click on a date in a unit’s row to make a new booking with that unit and check-in date.
  2. Select the number of guests and the check-out date in the pop-up.
  3. Click “Search” to go to the booking engine, where you can finalize the booking.

Editing a booking

Click on a booking bar to:

  • Open the booking’s quick view, where you can confirm the booking, check in or check out the guest, and see key details.
  • Enable easy unit swapping by dragging and dropping the booking to another available unit with the same dates.

Blocking off or editing a unit

  1. Click on a unit name/number. 
  2. In the window, you can delete, edit, or block the unit for a specified time period.

Making a note on specific dates

  • Click a date to create a note for that date.
  • Once saved, the date is marked with a small red triangle.