You can remove personal data from a particular booking and make it anonymous at the guest’s request.

  1. Open a particular cancelled booking, or an existing booking, making sure the checkbox “checked-out” is checked by front desk and that the guest has checked out, and paid.
  2. A red “anonymous person” icon will now appear, in the “guest information” section of the booking, to the left of the “Edit” button. If you can’t see it, repeat the “checked-out” step above.
  3. Click on the “anonymous person” icon.
  4. A warning message will appear, saying: “Are you sure? Deleting personal data from bookings means that you will be unable to find this booking using customer personal data like name, email etc. This operation can’t be reverted!”
  5. Click “Delete”, and the guest information is now blanked out.

You also have the option to make multiple bookings anonymous at the same time.

  1. On the Bookings page, select the “Past bookings” tab.
  2. In the left column, select the checked-out or cancelled bookings you would like to take action on.
  3. Click on the “anonymous person” icon just above the top row, over which a small tool tip will appear (“Remove personal data”).
  4. A first warning message will appear, stating: “Personal data from X of X selected bookings (checked-out or cancelled bookings only) will be removed. Do you want to remove this data?”
  5. After confirming this, a second warning message will appear: “This action cannot be undone, and it will no longer be possible to find these bookings using personal guest data if you proceed. Are you really sure you want to remove this data?”
  6. Click “OK”, and the guest information for the selected bookings will be blanked out.
Note: Any booking history that contains personal data (e.g. SMS/email history) will also be deleted when you anonymize one or several bookings.

GDPR compliance does not require that you delete bookings or make them anonymous straight away, after a guest has checked out and paid, even if some claim it does. But, on the other hand, a hotel is obligated to immediately delete personal data if requested to do so by the guest, after they have checked out (and paid) . There is no timeframe set in the GDPR for keeping of personal info, but it should never be kept longer than necessary. This tool is a good way to keep the system GDPR compliant while still keeping the bookings for statistics of sales and occupancy, instead of deleting them.