Every booking has a history log that shows the status of emails sent to that guest. Typically the status is “Delivered” or “Delivered & Opened.” But occasionally the status won’t change to show the email as opened.

There are two likely reasons:

  1. Some email providers don’t track whether an email is opened. With those providers, the guest could receive an email and open it, but the provider won’t communicate that to Sirvoy.
  2. Sometimes the email is delivered to a server, but not to the individual email address. For example, Booking.com has an email quarantine policy that may block emails with links or screenshots pasted directly in the message field (use “Insert Image” instead). Consider removing links and pasted screenshots to better reach the @guest.booking.com domain.

If the problem isn’t related to or solved by the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.