Important: Payer and Payson are legacy solutions and are no longer available for new users. Our recommended payment solution, Stripe, is available for all users.

Today, hotel guests are used to online payments. The Sirvoy booking system has several different online payment solutions available.

Depending on which payment solution you choose, guests will be asked to either

  • enter credit card details in order to guarantee the booking, and you can charge the card at a later time, or
  • immediately pay in order to complete the booking. With this option you may also choose to charge the guest a partial amount at the time of booking, and let them pay the remaining balance at a later time, e.g. through the Review Your Booking feature on your website. In that case, the booking confirmation page will also present this option to the guest.”

1. Payment solution that allows you to charge the card immediately or later

2. Payment solutions that allow you to charge the card immediately

Note: In addition, you can also use the “Sirvoy Vault” feature, which allows you to save credit card details securely. You can then either charge the card with Stripe or via an external machine. See this article for more information.

You can choose a payment solution under Settings -> Financials -> Card payments -> Edit.

Please check with the respective payment providers for their current fees and rates.

Note: Channels only forward credit card details if you have Stripe and/or Sirvoy Vault activated. Other payment solutions don’t support the receiving of CC details from channel bookings.